Fancy Water



I have to confess that I’ve never  been great at drinking the recommended daily allowance of water. I’ve always had a glass of it on my bedside table, and sip it before going to sleep, during the night and when I first wake up, and I have it when I go to the gym and sometimes at work, but, apart from that, I know that I don’t drink nearly enough of it. I have just  always found it to be “boring”, so it has rarely been my beverage of choice. However, there are, as we know, countless benefits of drinking water – it is fantastic for fluid balance (roughly 60% of the body is made of water), calorie control, clearer skin, kidney function, brain power, hangover cure, muscle use and concentration aid, to name but a few.

So, I decided that I should really give it more of a fighting chance, so have been experimenting with adding various natural ingredients to it, to give it more flavour – hence, fancy water!

Of course, you can choose any combination of fruits and herbs that you desire, but some do go together a little better than others, so I’m showing my favourites here – the ones which I believe have worked the best and provide the nicest flavours. The best thing about them is that they are completely natural, all made using fruits that I already had at home and herbs from my garden. They are ridiculously easy to make but alter the taste incredibly well, so that I no longer have to endure “boring” water!

Blackberry and Mint

The blackberries add sweetness while the mint is beautifully refreshing, so this combination works well – with the added bonus that the blackberries make the water such a pretty colour!

Blackberry and Sage

The contrast here, of a little sweet and sour, provides a subtle but refreshing taste.

Citrus and Cucumber
This is not only one of the most flavourful combinations, but it also helps to flush any toxins out of your system – all good!

Cucumber and Mint
Both cucumber and mint are known for their refreshing flavours, so this mixture is particularly good on a hot day.

Lemon and Lime
The amount of citrus fruit in this adds a real zing and is better the longer you are able to leave it to infuse.

Orange, Lemon and Ginger
As well as being one of my favourites from a taste point of view, this is incredibly good for you – oranges help your circulation, lemons aid digestion and ginger is a fantastic immune system booster.

Orange and Mint
The orange in this one provides a little sweetness, which compliments the fresh, cool taste of the mint perfectly.

Strawberry and Basil
This is possibly my favourite flavour combination, as I absolutely adore basil, with its aromatic flavour, which goes so well with the strawberry. Plus just how pretty does it look? If you leave it longer, it also turns the water pale pink!


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