Happy Friday 29.05.15

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How can it possibly be Friday again already? Bank Holiday weeks seem to whizz by faster than any other, obviously probably due to the fact that we get the long weekend followed by a shorter working week, but this one seems to have passed even quicker than usual.

So, here are a few of the things which I am thankful for and have made me happy this week:

1. Walks with D and B – as I described earlier in the week, we went on a couple of wonderful walks over the weekend. It was lovely for D and I to do one together, just the two of us – we realised when we had finished that we hadn’t stopped talking all the way round the 5 and a half mile route – not about anything important or life-changing, but just chit-chat, which was so nice. Then we took B with us for the slightly longer one on Monday, which again was lovely – and, as usual, I don’t think that HE stopped talking all the way round-  no change there!

2. Food by the fire – we had three great evenings out by the firepit, and had some great food out there too, eating s’mores, bangers and mash and then barbecued burgers and fish on the final night. We all love eating outside – it feels so special and simple.

3. Crosswords – I haven’t done a crossword for years but I suddenly felt the urge to do one last weekend, so I bought a small book of them, which I’ve started working through this week – and I’m really enjoying doing them! They certainly make you think!

4. Blog comments – as my blog is attracting more and more visitors, I am beginning to receive more lovely comments on my posts, which is so gratifying and I truly appreciate them.

5. Reading – one of my posts from earlier in the week was a review of two fantastic books I’ve recently read, so I’ve been very grateful that I’ve had more time to read again this week. At the moment, I’m 24% of the way through “The Girl on the Train” – wow, absolutely loving it!

6. Board games – one of the upsides to G having to revise all week is that I have had plenty to time alone with B, and, as we both love board games, we’ve been making the most of the time we’ve had and played quite a few. Game of Life Celebrity Edition, PayDay and Mastermind have been our favourites.

7. G’s revision – much as she is now getting a little fed up of it, G has worked so hard this week, being shut away in her room for the majority of the time revising for her end-of-year exams next week. I’m so proud of her conscientious and diligent attitude – I’m sure that it will be rewarded.

8. Baking – in order to keep G fuelled throughout the long hours of study, we have done plenty of baking this week, making cupcakes with fresh fruits and chunks of meringue in, a Victoria sponge with G’s favourite butter cream filling, and a chocolate cake with white chocolate chunks – yum!

9. Lazy mornings – with G and B on half term, it has been so nice to be able to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings (this has been my favourite reading time), and not have to rush around like crazy making early breakfasts, packed lunches, ensure all school and work bags are ready and do the school run on the way to work. A real treat!

10. Yoga – as I did Adriene Mishler’s 30 Day Yoga series a little while ago, I have embarked on another of her yoga programmes this week. I can’t say that it has been fun all the way – it has been very challenging and my body has rebelled slightly afterwards (on Thursday morning, EVERYTHING hurt!) but it does make me feel so much better to do it and it does give a real sense of well being after each session.

So we have a nice quiet weekend ahead. D may have to work, which will be a shame, but that just means that we will have to make the most of our evenings together, when he is back home and G has finished for the day.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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