The Pace of Life

Last week was the first week since starting this blog back in March that I didn’t do a mid-week post. Previously, I have been completing my Happy Friday posts, occasional Silent Sunday ones, and then a more random post on a Tuesday or Wednesday. However, as we are gearing up for the summer holiday and being away for two weeks, things have been slightly more hectic than usual, which is why I just didn’t have the time for last week’s random musings.

But, with our holiday now imminent, I have been considering the pace of life. D works ridiculously hard and long hours, leaving him very¬†little time or energy for anything else, while I work for the business and then doing everything else that needs doing in the house and for the family, so everyday life can be pretty intense – as it is for many, many people. Therefore, I do believe that it is no coincidence that our two favourite places on earth – the North Norfolk coast and the Caribbean island of Grenada – have one huge thing in common – a much slower pace of life. When we are not working, this is exactly what we want: it is the reason we don’t have a microwave – we prefer to spend time cooking properly, even making popcorn from scratch; it is why we chose not to have an instant hot water tap when we had our new kitchen done last year – we’d much rather enjoy the “process” of making tea with our whistling kettle; and it explains why we gave away our gas barbecue last year in favour of cooking food slowly over the fire pit. Peace, tranquillity, simplicity¬†and slowing down are exactly what we need to fully appreciate life and to re-charge our batteries. And right now, they have never been in more need of re-charging, which is why we are so ridiculously excited to be spending time over the next few weeks in our two favourite places, as shown below –

BOS sunset1 Grenada beach1

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