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Happy Friday 07.07.17

Friday again already  – and what a lovely week it has been! Here are some of the highlights:

  1. I collected G and her friend from their first week of NCS last Friday, and was relieved to hear that they had had a fantastic time. They had got on so well with their group, which makes all the difference, so much so that G was missing them by the time we had got home! A good sign, I think!

2. I had a lovely evening out with friends from the village I used to live in on Friday night. It had been ages since I had seen most of them so it was good to get together and have a catch up over a nice meal.

3. B was home for the weekend, as well as G being home from NCS, so we had a lovely family time. It was more relaxed than usual, as B had an inset day on Monday so didn’t have to leave us on Sunday afternoon, as he usually does, which meant that we had a lovely family hot tub session on Sunday evening.

4. B also took the opportunity to make us a delicious cake while he was home – truly yummy!


5. For the first time in goodness knows how long, we had a really lovely, lazy Sunday morning. We had a late breakfast outside of pancakes, fruit compote and coffee, and then followed this with more coffee whilst sitting out in the garden, so didn’t get dressed until past midday. Bliss!


6. Once we had eventually got going on Sunday, we headed out for a lovely walk and drink in the sun at Barton Marina. It was such an unexpectedly beautiful day!


7. So Monday morning saw us departing for the north, to deliver G for her day and a half of sixth form induction at her new school. Thankfully, she had an absolutely lovely time, made some new friends,  got equipped with her new uniform and is now raring to go for September.

8. We then headed off to Harrogate, which we love but have not visited for an age. We had B with us for the first part of our time there, so we had a lovely lunch, again out in the sun, with him before he caught the train back to school.


9. D and I then had the luxury of the rest of the time to ourselves, so we happily pottered and ambled around Harrogate and the surrounding area. We stayed overnight at a lovely hotel – The White Hart Hotel in the gorgeous Montpellier area  – and had a fabulous (and huge!) meal and drinks there on Monday night. It was a truly lovely mini-break.

Harrogate Dan Harrogate Hotel Hotel2 Meal D Meal F Park Tree

10. D and I then enjoyed a great night out at the theatre in Nottingham last night to watch “The Play That Goes Wrong” which was absolutely hilarious. It is currently touring the UK so if you get a chance to see it, you really should – a great fun night out!

Anyway, that’s it from me for this week. I hope that everyone has had a lovely one. Happy weekend!