Happy Friday 17.04.15

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Well, what a glorious week it has been! It has truly felt like summer has arrived  – even though we know it hasn’t really. But that means that we make the most of the weather even more, as we know it will probably last for a precious few days at this time of year.

So, what has made me happy this week?

1. My niece’s 21st birthday ceilidh last Saturday night. It was such a great way to celebrate, was lots of fun, and she had a fantastic night with so many family and friends around her. The dancing was so lively and enjoyable, just as you’d expect – you can’t help but smile (and laugh!) whilst dancing, and even G joined in, despite saying beforehand that she wouldn’t!

2. Part of the attraction of the night was also getting together with all the family. It isn’t often that we all manage to meet up, as I have three sisters, who all have families, and we live quite a distance apart, so it’s usually only on special occasions that we all meet up, so it is always really special when we do. We did miss B though, who was on his school trip in Italy, and was the only one missing.

3. We had a great family gym trip last Sunday, which was so nice. It was the first time that D, G and I all went together and it was fun!

4. My new haircut! I had about four inches cut off my hair last Saturday, and I’m really pleased with the result. It isn’t exactly what I had asked for, but it’s close enough (is it just me who struggles to convey exactly what I want to hairdressers and then struggle even more to say if there is something I’m not quite happy with?).

5. The upside of B being away this week is that I have had lots of quality time alone with G. We haven’t done anything super exciting – we’ve been on the trampoline, watched our favourite TV programmes, planted bulbs in the garden, had a successful trip to Ikea (followed by Starbucks, of course!), etc.  – but we’ve just had a lovely time together.

6. One of the fun things G and I did together was have a picnic lunch on the trampoline. We decided to make the most of the sun and it’s actually a really comfortable place to sit and eat. The only thing you have to remember is that, if you put your plate on the trampoline then climb on, the plate slides towards you and it is very easy to end up sitting in cottage cheese. Ahem – yes, that may have happened to me!

7. We have made yet more progress with the house modernisations this week, by painting our newly plastered bedroom. After much deliberation, we opted for Cloud Burst (grey!) for the walls, and white for the area above the picture rail, the ceiling and the woodwork, and we are so happy with the how it looks. When it is all completely finished, I’ll put some before and after photos up.

8. A list came out this week of the top 50 simple pleasures which make people happy and number one on the list was sleeping in a freshly made bed. I have to agree with this – there is nothing better than climbing into bed with clean, tight, straight, cold bedding, as we did this week after painting our room. It just feels so different, doesn’t it?

9. The final two things on my list this week are yet to happen, but they will no doubt make today an especially lovely day. The first is that G and I are going to my friend’s house for lunch. It will be lovely to catch up with her, and her two young children, who we haven’t seen in a while; to deliver our birthday present for her son, who will be a big two tomorrow; and to see their new house, as they recently moved. A very nice way to spend the last Friday lunchtime of the Easter holiday.

10. The final one which is happening later today is the return of B from Italy! We are so looking forward to having him home. It has been very quiet without him – at home, he never stops talking so is a very constant presence, but he is a boy of very few words by text! We have had a couple of brief conversations with him, so we know that he’s fine and has been enjoying himself, but we’re looking forward to hearing all the details of the amazing places he’s visited. G is particularly excited for him to come home, so has planned a very special meal for tonight. Talking of which, we need to get those ribs marinating!

So we are looking forward to having our little family all back together again this weekend. I hope that you all have a good one – and thank you for reading!

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