Happy Friday 03.07.15

Flower Candle Raspberry Scone

Only one more week of the summer term to go before the children are on holiday for seven weeks. In most ways, I can’t wait for them to finish, as we love our time together, lazy mornings, trips away, etc., but it does make keeping up with work quite tricky at times, which is the downside. But the reason we started the business was to give me the flexibility to be able to do the school run and be with them during the holidays, so for that I am truly grateful and appreciative, so I’m not moaning!

And in the spirit of not moaning, here’s a run down of the things that have made me happy this week:

1. Getting Georgie back from France after her six day trip. She’d had a fantastic time – and we’ve seen lots of photographic evidence of this – but it was great to have her home, even if they were late back so we had to collect her at 2.15am!

2. A great night out by the fire pit, with candles, tealights and fairy lights as well as the light of the fire to keep us out there until just past midnight!

3. A relaxing Saturday afternoon sitting out in the garden, listening to Caribbean soca music whilst reading and drinking elderflower cordial – bliss!

4. The cheese scones I made on Sunday – we all absolutely love them – I really must remember to make double the quantity next time.

5. An early morning walk with the dogs on Wednesday, to beat the midday heat – lots of other dog owners had the same idea so it was a very sociable time. Plus, on the way home,  I discovered a small raspberry bush right behind our garden fence with a handful of fat, juicy raspberries.

6. Lunch out with friends on Wednesday to a restaurant I haven’t visited before – but shall be returning to!

7. Seeing D eventually! We have been like ships that pass in the night this week, with him working very late and then being away, so it was nice to have him home last night, even if it was late by the time he got back.

8. I was later home than usual from work on Thursday but I made a delicious lunch of brie on toasted seeded onion bagel, which was just what the doctor ordered.

9. The fact that we have started taking our concoction of anti-histamine, vitamin B1 and garlic tablets  – our anti-insect bite combination – in preparation for our holiday. As this needs to be done two weeks before we leave, it is a definite sign that it is almost upon us!

10. The book that I have been reading this week has definitely made me smile on more than one occasion. It is The School Gate Survival Guide, by Kerry Fisher. I’ve loved brie for years but I’ve never come across the concept of “cutting the nose off the brie” – hilarious!

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead – I’m going down to Surrey to see a friend for the day on Saturday, which I’m very excited about, but then D is working all day Sunday. We have a crazy week ahead next week, as we try to fit three weeks of work into one, plus various other work and home related tasks – but this time next week, we should be all done and ready for our holiday!


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